Meditor is a speculative app that would connect with a wristband to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and blood sugar.


Project Type

UX/UI Design


App development & prototype


Sketch, Illustrator & InVision

The problem

The waiting time in a doctors office is usually absurd due to an overflow of patients and the multiple examinations required per medical concern.

The solution

Through the use of Meditor, long waiting times in a doctors office can be decreased. Patients and doctors can save time in an appointment as several necessary testings will have already been completed, prior to the visit. Meditor is a convenient and easy way to improve the efficiency within the healthcare realm while easing the minds of users. Meditor is a speculative app that safely monitors important data and results to ensure patient safety.

The outcome

Meditor case study
Final Meditor prototype

image image image image image